Roseheart Charm - D2034481

Sire: Castle Rock Triumph +*B

Dam: Chenango-Hills PV Charisma

*Charm was not feeling picture day*

Stocks Farms Inc. Snickers  - N1715719
Sire: Saada Revealed Mark +B
Dam: Stocks Farms Inc Mint 

Roseheart Cajeta
Sire: Pruittville R/M Charley
Dam: Stocks Farm INc. Snickers

Cajeta has one of the easiest to milk udders in the herd.


Roseheart Princess Nightshade - D2030644 BLUE EYES

Sire: Tx Twincreeks CM Palladium *B

Dam: Little Tots Estate Princess

Sanctuary Hill Hippie Chick  
Sire: Delmun Rising Turbulence

Dam: I2I Acres Gypsy Jewel


Roseheart Moon Diva (aka Luna) - D2030647  ​POLLED

Sire: Castle Rock Chicago Peace +*B

Dam: Roseheart IMA Diva

*possibly available after kidding in December*

Sanctuaryhill Perfect Vision

Nubian Senior does

nigerians, nubians, & more

Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does

Roseheart Reece's Pieces - N2034634
Sire: Saada XX Zeak

Dam: Stocks Farm Inc Snickers

Saada Mother Goose  - N1863450

Sire: Saada Patrick Joseph

Dam: Saada Golden Goose