nigerians, nubians, & more


*Available at weaning, all will be disbudded. 

Nigerian Dwarf Does

Roseheart Glamour

DOB: 04/01/2021

D: Chenango-Hills PV Charisma

S: Little Tots Estate Galleon

Roseheart Ice Diva   *polled

DOB: 02/13/2021

D: Roseheart Moon Diva

S: Roseheart Prince

Roseheart Crystal.   *moonspotted

DOB: 12/21/2020

D: Roseheart Charm

S: Roseheart Goliath  

Roseheart Snow Diva
D: Roseheart Moon Diva
S: Harlequin FF Fruity Oaty Bar

Nubian Does 

Roseheart Cajeta

DOB: 03/02/2018

D: Stocks Farms Inc Snickers

S: Pruittville's S/R Charley

Roseheart TBD

DOB: 12/26/2020

D: Sanctuaryhill HIppie Chick

S: Roseheart Baby Huey

Roseheart Butterfinger

DOB: 2/14/2021

D: Roseheart Cajeta

S: Isadore Meadows Obsidian 


*Available at weaning                                                                                                                                *All will be castrated and disbudded

Nigerian Bucks

Harlequin FF Fruity Oaty Bar - D1897732

DOB 04/18/2017

S: Harlequin RB Firefly D1591013

D: SGCH Agape Oaks GL Cookies N' Cream D1507288

Roseheart Rhodium - Registration Pending

D: Roseheart Ginger

S: TX Twincreeks CM Palladium *B


Nubian Bucks

TLC Farms Blue Marque

DOB: 04/02/2020

S: Swoon EL Outlaw Blues

D: TLC-Farms MC Majorca

Roseheart TBD 

DOB: 04/20/2020

Sire: Sanctuary Hill Butt-Her-Fly

Dam: Roseheart Cajeta


Nigerian Dwarf Wethers

None available at this time.

Nubian Wethers  

Vision x Baby Huey - Brown wether

Milania x Obsidian - Black moonspotted 

Reece's Peices x Obsidian - Black

offering for sale

Animals for sale can be held with a 50% deposit and are to be paid for in full before leaving the farm. No animals will be held without a deposit. A statement of “I want” or “I am interested” in a particular animal is not sufficient to hold the animal.

Once a deposit is received “sale pending” will be noted after the animals name.

Adults animals or kids of weaning age can be held for 2 weeks while pick-up arrangements are made. Transportation arrangements, CVI, or other veterinary costs are at the expense of the buyer.

Please note, pick-ups are generally scheduled for Saturday’s or Sunday’s; other times may be discussed if needed.

Nigerian Dwarf Straws Available 
Castle Rock Chicago Peace +*B - Polled

Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B - Blue Eyed