Roseheart Rosemary - D2034632 POLLED

Sire: Castle Rock Chicago Peace +*B

Dam: Roseheart Ginger​​

Roseheart Princess ?? - ADGA Registration Pending BLUE EYES

Sire: Roseheart Goliath

Dam: Roseheart Princess Nightshade ​Blue Eyes

Roseheart Charm - D2034481

Sire: Castle Rock Triumph +*B

Dam: Chenango-HIlls PV Charisma

Nigerian Dwarf junior Does

Sanctuary Hill Hippie Chick - ADGA Registration Pending
Sire: Delmun Rising Turbulence

Dam: I2I Acres Gypsy Jewel

Disclaimer: Pic will be updated soon. Hippie was not "Happy" about having her picture taken. She is a much much longer bodied doe with a much nicer rump than she is showing here.

nigerians, nubians, & more

Roseheart 'Lil Miss Muffet - Registration Pending

Sire: Redwood Hills Marina Del Mar

Dam: Saada Mother Goose

Roseheart Bunny - D2030645

Sire: Tx Twincreeks CM Palladium *B

Dam: Tx Twincreeks Evening Primrose

Roseheart Reece's Pieces - N2034634
Sire: Saada XX Zeak

Dam: Stocks Farm Inc Snickers

Roseheart Nandina - N2034492
Sire: Saada XX Zeak

Dam: Tecosa K Cypress


Roseheart Cajeta - N2030646

Sire: Pruittville Charley

Dam: Stocks Farm Inc Snickers

nubian junior Does

Roseheart Verbena - ADGA Registration Pending  ​POLLED

Sire: Harlequin FF Fruity Oaty Bar

Dam: Roseheart Lantana

Roseheart Dancing Diva - ADGA Registration Pending POLLED

Sire: Roseheart Goliath

Dam: Roseheart Princess Nightshade ​Blue Eyes