nigerians, nubians, & more



Roseheart Minibunn x My Enchanted Acres Good Kharma

Stocks Farms Inc. Snickers x Black Tie Affair

Nigerian Dwarf:

Roseheart Ginger x Castle Rock Chicago Peace (polled and sexed doe AI)

Chenango-Hills PV Charisma x Castle Rock Triumph

Roseheart Princess Sofia x LITTLE TOTS ESTATE GALLEON

The following are planned breedings for mid-March kiddings:
The following will be bred to Saada XX Zeak 

Tecosa K Cypress 

Saada Mother Goose 
Saada Thimble Beary  

The following will be bred to Pruittville Charley 

Stocks Farm Inc Darcy
Roseheart Reeces Pieces 

The following will be bred to Harlequin Fruity Oaty Bar
Roseheart Spotted Lily 
Roseheart A Penny for Luck
Roseheart Blue Bella

The following will be bred to TX Twincreeks CM Palladium

Roseheart Agave 

Kidding Schedule