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Kidding Schedule

​​Reservations are open!!

Reservations are now open on our planned breedings noted below. Please contact us on any of the breedings you are interested in to get your reservation in!!

Deposits are payable through check, cash or PayPal. Please contact prior to sending payment to ensure a reservation on the breeding you would like is available.

Deposit is non-refundable should buyer change their mind, but the deposit will be deducted from the remaining balance of the desired kid, which is due upon notification of birth and before the animal leaves.

In the event a kid is not produced of the desired sex from the desired breeding, any funds paid may be rolled to another breeding in a consecutive subsequent year, or another available kid or adult animal.

An after an animals name notes that the animal may be for sale after kidding.

Nubian Senior Does:

Due December:

Saada Mother Goose x Roseheart Baby Huey

Sanctuary Hill Hippie Chick x Roseheart (Cajeta Buck)

Due January:

Stocks Farm Inc. Snickers x TBD

Roseheart Reece's Pieces x TBD

Sanctuary Hill Perfect Vision x TBD

Due February:

Roseheart Cajeta* x TBD

Nubian Junior Does:

Due December:

Roseheart 'Lil MIss Muffett x Roseheart Baby Huey

Roseheart Nandina x Roseheart (Cajeta's Buck)

Sanctuary Hill Dulce Crema x Roseheart Baby Huey

Due February:

Roseheart Sprinkles x TBD

Roseheart TBD (aka Pip) x TBD 

Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does:

Due January:

Roseheart Nightshade x TBD

Roseheart Moon Diva* x TBD

Due February:

Roseheart Charm x TBD

Nigerian Dwarf Junior Does:

Due December:

Roseheart Foxglove x Roseheart Prince

Roseheart Verbena x Roseheart Goliath

Roseheart Mopsy x Roseheart Prince Roseheart Verbena x Roseheart Prince

Due February:

Roseheart Snow Diva x Roseheart Goliath